80% AFUE Gas/Oil Furnaces

Designed for all sizes of manufactured and modular homes, and can be installed in a utility room, enclosed closet or alcove.

Available in many burner options such as gas gun, oil gun and hot surface ignition, efficiencies ranging from 78% to 80% AFUE.

Furnaces available in air conditioning-ready models and air conditioning-adaptable models.

90% AFUE Gas Furnace

The only 90% high-efficiency gas furnace to fit the manufactured housing industry standard space.

Available in top-return models.

Our dependable, shock-mounted hot surface igniter has a 20-year history of reliability.

Integrated circuit board features diagnostic indicators and an adaptive igniter warm-up time to prolong igniter life.

High efficiency rating enhances your ENERGY STAR home.

Available in downflow models, which can be installed in a utility room, enclosed closet or alcove.

All models are A/C ready up to 4-ton capacity.

The blower off delay increases cooling performance when matched with a Broan cooling system.

80% AFUE High Efficiency Gas/Oil Furnaces
90% AFUE High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Today, the manufactured home is a sophisticated,affordable home that is a smart choice for many buyers. Equally smart is knowing that your manufactured home furnace is just that – a manufactured home furnace. Specifically designed for your manufactured home, a Broan furnace offers high efficiency and system dependability.

The more you learn about our manufacturing process, the more you’ll see that no other heating and cooling manufacturer compares to Broan’s product quality – quality made possible through Demand Flow Technology™. While other companies test products at random, we use 100% computer-automated testing on every Broan product to eliminate human error in the final analysis of product quality. We are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to be DFT certified.

You can rely on your Broan expert to make your home more comfortable with
digital thermostats and other manufactured home accessories. It’s a comfort to know that Broan is made for your manufactured home, and it’s a comfort you can feel.

  • Proven components ensure high quality and dependability.

  • Heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger ensures long life and efficiency.

  • Insulated cabinet ensures minimized heat loss and quiet operation.

  • Appliance finish protects against rust and other corrosion.

  • All units and each component are tested on the manufacturing line to ensure quality.

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